Cool Timeline

Mai 17

Am I Evil?

Wucan released their version of Diamond Head’s „Am I Evil“
Oktober 15

A new single got released

Wucan released their single „Night To Fall“
Juli 26

Old Friends

Wucan playes the second time on „Burg Herzberg – 50th Anniversary“.
Oktober 31

The Guy For The Low Tones

Alex joins the band
September 29

Release Of The 2nd Album „Reap The Storm“

In fall 2017 wucan released their second Album with new drummer Phil.
Mai 11

Patrik Left The Band

After six years of recordings and live performances patrik leaves the band.
Januar 1

A lot of Drum-Phils

In January 2016 Phil joined the band.
Juni 1


May/Jun. 2015- Recordings for ‚Sow The Wind‘ with Live Drummer Leo Vaessen
März 1

Big steps

Mar. 2015- Support Tour for Siena Root, Marc leaves the band
Februar 1


Feb. 2015- Preproduction for ‚Sow The Wind‘
Januar 1

Another Drummer

Jan. 2015- Ollie left the band, Marc replaces him
November 1

Release Vikaram

Nov. 2014- Release of EP ‚Vikarma‘ through Metalizer Records, appearance @HOD Festival
Juli 1


Summer 2014- Wucan becomes part of Magnificent Music’s roster, Ollie to replace Pätz
März 1


Mar. 2014- Recordings for ‚Vikarma‘ with Michael Gerlach, Pätz left his position as a live drummer, remains active member of the band
Januar 1

Berlin here we are

Jan. 2014- More Demo recordings in Berlin
November 1

Karl the manager

Nov. 2013- first contact with Karl of Musicflash
Oktober 1

First Heavy Gig

Okt. 2013- first gig with q-Box @ Heavy Duty Dresden
April 1

Frank and Dopetrotter

Apr. 2013- Demos ‚Frank‘ and ‚Dopetrotter‘ released on YouTube
November 1

band complete

Nov. 2012- Patrik (b.) completed the band, new rehearsal room, actual begin of songwriting and regular practices
Januar 1

First rehearsal

Jan. 2012- first rehearsal with Tim (g.) and Pätz (dr.)
Dezember 1

Blues Brothers wanted

Dec. 2011- Francis (voc,g,fl,ther) founded the band by an ad in the campus Newspaper with the headline ‚Blues Brothers wanted‘